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Erudio: A Student Planner for iOS

School is complicated. Erudio makes it simple.

With Erudio, managing day to day life for students has never been easier. Erudio effortlessly and intuitively organizes the chaos of classes, assignments, readings, grades, exams, and tasks that students face every day. Erudio compliments the power and convenience of the iPhone with a gorgeous, straightforward interface that divides the complexity of student's education into four categories: courses, tasks, grades, and timeline.

This project was the first in-house app developed by Monospace, and continues to be one of our best selling products.

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The Varsity Platform

After mastering the student experience with Erudio, we wanted to begin to push the capacity of students and universities to interact with eachother using digital tools. Our analysis of the educational technology market led us to the conclusion that this was an area that could use fresh and new innovation.

As such, we developed Varsity, an ever-evolving tool to allow educational institutions to improve the productivity and involvement of their students by leveraging mobile and web technologies. With Varsity, unversities can provide traditional academic tools to their students (task management, grade tracking, course information, etc.) through a mobile application based on Erudio, Monospace's flagship educational product.

Moreover, the Varsity Platform allows colleges to suggest both school and student-sponsored programming on campus, which students can add directly to their calendar. Colleges can also provide lists of suggested activities for students to complete, ranging from attending guest speakers to building their first resume. Finally, with push notifications, campus-wide announcements are a press of a button away.

The Varsity Platform is the premier college experience management solution, designed expressly for the modern, agile, and mobile student. The app provides incredibly useful tools for the individual student, integrated with critical experiences curated by Universities themselves.

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Wordy: The Logophile's Primer

Wordy is the quickest and easiest way to get definitions, synonyms and more. Simply search for a word to get information aggregated from several reputable resources, including Merriam-Webster, Century Dictionary, and American Heritage Dictionary. Wordy is one of the only portable word resources that searches for definitions in so many places!

Even better, Wordy helps you improve your diction by providing a unique, interesting, and pertinent "Word of the Day" every week day.

Wordy was a fun weekend project of ours. We sought to take a very simple domain (word lookup) and master the asthetic, design, and usability of the application. The result was a fantasticly useful, incredibly simple, and, best of all, free dictionary application for iPhone.

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GrowlVoice: A Google Voice Client

GrowlVoice is an intuitive and fully-featured Google Voice client that brings the power of Google Voice to your Mac's menu bar.

With GrowlVoice, users can send texts and initiate calls in from their computer, quickly read and reply to text messages, listen to voicemails and read their transcripts, manage and search their inbox, and receive instant and unobtrusive notifications of new messages.

GrowlVoice began as a personal project by one of our team members, but has grown in features and user base to be the premier Google Voice experience on the Mac.

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Impact on Education: Barrel Fundraiser

Impact on Education, the non-profit foundation behind the Boulder Valley School district in Colorado, approached us about working on a fundraiser for their Fall 2012 school year. 40 art teams from 22 different schools participated in artistically transforming were previously ugly industrial barrels into amazing street art that was displayed in front of the community library.

Our team developed a online component to the contest, allowing community members to vote for their favorite art projects through donation dollars.This site allowed patrons to directly support Boulder Valley Public Schools, and both the artistic and educational development of students.

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Amplitude Entertainment

Amplitude Entertainment is a premier, professional, concert promotion agency assisting college-programming boards across the county. They do so by funding and producing large-scale concerts alongside college programming boards, as well as providing professional production, booking, marketing and event planning assistance.

With over 12 years of combined concert production and promotion experience, Amplitude Entertainment aims to produce the highest caliber shows possible while working hand in hand with college programming boards and university administration.

We were approached by Amplitude Entertainment to develop a website that both communicated professionalism to Universities, but also appeared in vogue to college students. Our firm developed Amplitude's logo, branding, and website during the inception of their agency last Fall, and the organization has been operating with high success since.

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